Terms & Conditions

Please read ensure you have read through the terms and conditions before booking a stall at the Bearpit Market and Market at the Moon.

Booking a stall will mean you have read and agree to all terms and conditions set out below.


Who can apply:


Our applications are open to all that are aged over 18 and have the correct insurance in place. There are minimal entry requirements:

  1. The trader must not sell anything that may cause offense
  2. The trader must not sell counterfeit items
  3. The trader must not sell anything that are/have been or could be involved in illegal activity
  4. The trader cannot drink or sell alcohol in the area as it is a no drinking zone at the Bearpit Market
  5. Traders are able to drink alcohol at Market at the Moon but must not become intoxicated
  6. We cannot accept applications from food/drink vendors as per our licence agreement but we can accept applications from stall holders who sell canned/jarred/pickled foods to take away, provided they have a licence to do so.

Due to these rules, all stalls must be pre-approved before booking by applying through the website. Once you have been approved you will be given a password to book a pitch, or pitches, at the market.

Examples of stalls we will accept are, but not limited to:

  • Vintage clothing
  • Self-care products
  • Artwork
  • Crafts
  • Collections/collectables
  • Small business promotions
  • Plants
  • Books
  • Home wear
  • Antiques

We have the right to refuse any applications on any grounds including oversubscribed categories, inappropriate applications and applications which could cause harm to the market.


Setting up/taking down


Bearpit Market:

The market runs from 11am to 5pm on the selected dates. Traders should arrive no later than 10am and be set up no later than 10.30am. 

All market traders must stay until the market closes at 5pm. Only after this time can the trader pack up and leave.

Market at the Moon:

The market runs from 12pm to 6pm on selected dates. Traders should arrive no later than 11am and be set up no later than 11.30am.

All market traders must stay until the market closes at 6pm. Only after this time can the trader pack up and leave.


Pitch fees and information


Pitch fees are £30 per pitch for stall traders, these fees are in line with St Nicholas Market fees. These are to be paid at the time of pre booking via the website, we cannot take payment on the day.

Pitches are sold by business so no two businesses can share a pitch; they must purchase one individually. They are able to share the same space as long as they have individual bookings.

All traders/vendors must be over 18 years old.

All applications are required to have been approved before booking. This is to ensure there are no inappropriate/offensive/counterfeit goods being sold at the market.

We will be taking photos on site to post on social media. If you want to opt out of this, please inform us via email.

Bearpit Market:

Pitches must not exceed 3m x 3m except in cases where it has been agreed.

Some pitches may be in the tunnels.

Once you have been approved you will be sent a password so you can book online.

The location of the pitches cannot be pre booked. Some pitches will be pre allocated and others will be allocated on the day. The organiser will take in to account several factors when arranging the allocations including the size of your pitch, weather conditions, your products and so on.

Pitch fees are non-refundable except on the rare occasion that there is either an amber or red weather warning or if the Government requests so, for example we go into a lockdown.

Please note – We do not provide any set up and if you need a gazebo, table, chair ect you must provide this. Gazebo weights must be present and used on the day of trading at every event where a gazebo is used.

Market at the Moon:

Traders can have spaces on the tables and under gazebos, this set up is provided by way of the garden pub tables

Occasionally, we may use the Attic Bar but we aim to use the outside area as a priority to ensure we draw the public in.

There are limited spaces outside the entrance of the pub and on the street. These spaces require a gazebo that you must provide. If you have one of these spaces, you must also provide gazebo weights.

The limited gazebo spaces on the street are not reserved or allocated, if you would like one and have booked in, please let me know and you can have one if any are left.

Pitch fees are non refundable.




All stall holders must have Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000 which will need to be in date of the days you are booked in for. - THIS IS MANDATORY. Your insurance evidence needs to be sent before the date of your booked market – you will not be able to trade on the day if you have not provided this.


Accident, incident, injury, near miss


First aid will be the responsibility of the individual vendor.

If you have an accident, incident, injury or near miss at the event please let a member of staff know and they will record it in the accident book.

The market owner is not liable for any accident/injury/theft or damage to you and your property.

In case of a fire, please evacuate the area immediately by any of the 4 tunnels or the stairs leading out to the surrounding areas in the Bearpit or follow the premises Fire Evacuation Policy for Market at the Moon.

If there is a lost child, please immediately alert the market owner and/or her staff.

It is encouraged that you provide hand gel for buyers on your stall.

Security will be on site on Bearpit Market days.

You agree you will bring your gazebo weights with no exceptions and are liable for any accident/injury/near miss caused by your gazebo and/or stock.




Bearpit Market:

The market owner will provide general waste bins to use only, please only use these bins – do not use the bins that are provided by Bristol City Council.

On the rare occasion where the bins are not present, you may need to use the Bristol City Council bins. Please keep this use to a minimum.

Please take any recycling away with you as we will not have recycling bins at the premises.

Market at the Moon:

Bins will be provided by the premises.




We do not have designated parking or loading/offloading bays but there are several choices for parking immediately outside and surrounding the Bearpit/Market at the Moon – including the hotels and car parks immediately outside. The prices vary for the parking so it is best to check online. Some sites/carparks you can pre book:





Inappropriate behaviour


If any stall holder/business presents as aggressive/offensive/unreasonable to either the market owner, market staff, market stall holders or market visitors we reserve the right to refuse to allow you to return to trade the market and cancel any future markets you are booked in for. In the event of this happening, you will not be refunded for any bookings you have made and you will be banned from all future events. There is no time limit to the ban and any decisions made about lifting the ban are solely market owners decision.

If a member of staff, stall holder or visitor makes a complaint about a stall holder, the market owner will carry out an investigation and they can take any action they see as reasonable including no action, mediation and permanent exclusion.

Market at the Moon:

Market at the Moon has an additional behavioural requirement -

The pub is a landmark and a very loved and respected part of Bristol which has a backpackers connected to it. The backpackers are very welcome and could come from any part of the world. We should be mindful of that and ensure that they feel as welcome as possible, including managing our own behaviour. As a market owner it is imperative that we do not harm the reputation of the company or the City of Bristol. Therefore, we will not accept behaviour from stall holders who are intoxicated. It is acceptable to drink whilst working if you wish but if you feel you are the type of person that can not stop– our advice would be to not have one. If you do become intoxicated, we will need to discuss your future at this market.


But above all else, we want this to be a fun, happy space for the community to get together and enjoy the space. We want this space to be used as an opportunity and a platform for people for many years to come. 


If you have any questions, please email info@bearpitmarket.co.uk


We look forward to seeing you there,

Indie Price 

Market Owner


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